IDEAS: The Good One’s only come when you don’t Expect them

IDEAS: The Good One’s only come when you don’t Expect them

Ideas are a great source for the way you think and act. If you have an idea and you want to live up to that and do something good for others and of course for yourself too, then you will do anything to live up to your idea and keep exploring more and more for it to make it bigger…

But, ideas do not come to those who sit quietly in a corner thinking that something big will happen to them someday, with just the dream of happening something big that someday, nothing big or good happens with them. In order to get ideas working, or to make it more compelling for others to work with you on the same idea, you need to think big and share that big with others. Unless you share the BIG Thing with others, they will not understand that what is hidden for them in it and how it can be proved beneficial for them.

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Mentioned below are some points which one should remember!

You don’t really know unless you ask: Asking questions is necessary in order to keep those big ideas coming to you. I have observed that the more you ask the more you come to know about it. If you are working in a team then you should constantly keep on sharing problemsideas and ask for anything that you find problem with. The question encompasses what we should start doing, stop doing and also reveals what we should continue doing.
The Soil matters as much as the Seed: I say if ideas are the seeds that we plant, then we must be surely the seeds that have the fertile and healthy soil to grow and reap the fruits of the future. If the soil and the seed both are good with the power to reap the future fruits then the sowing process of the seeds in the soil will not go down the drain.

If you give the child a good education and provide a platform to use his/her skills and capabilities to the best, which is the Soil in this case; then the child will definitely take his/her best move in order to be succeeded. Here the child refers to the Seed. You can thus have the tasty and delicious fruit which you and your company/members will enjoy like anything.

Size doesn’t matter: Of course, big ideas tend to get all the glory but it’s surprising how many small ideas can you add up to truly change the game.

It’s definitely not about how big or small an idea is, it’s about how much capable you are or how far can you carry that idea and turn a small idea into a big one. All this will come from asking a question, listening to a response, creating a foundation to implement ideas quickly, and reinforcing a culture of collective problem-solving. When small ideas are executed, it helps pave the way for big ideas.

I would like to end up with a Quote: IDEAS: The Good One’s only come when you don’t Expect them… 🙂

Vishal Jagetia

Vishal Jagetia

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