Happy Mother’s Day to you Maa!

Happy Mother’s Day to you Maa!

When I turn back to the old days and try to remember that day, when I told you my secret wish, to be an Entrepreneur and wanting to start my own business, how can I forget that innocent expression on your face when I first told you that I want to work for myself and want to start my own company.

Maa, I can understand your feelings, your concern for me, and my dreams. You must be scared of hearing my words and must be thinking that how this would be proved as a good thing for me… You must also have thought that what our relatives would say after hearing this! But as far as I know you, you can take care of all these things.

It was during my Post-Graduation days, I took this decision and one fine day turned to you and told you about my dream. For me, nothing is more important than you Maa. You were always there beside me, through my highs and lows. You always supported me and I can never be thankful enough for giving me the energy to do what I really wanted to do.

On this Mother’s Day, I would propose a toast of promises :

  • I might not be working in big and lavish offices, and might not be getting a juicy pay slip/cheques, but I would be happy and enjoying the work that I would be doing and I am fine at what I would be earning.
  • I might not be at a higher post in an office, but I would be happy working as a jack of all trades i.e. multitasking. I would be happy to play all the roles, like from CEO to Peon.
  • At times I may miss talking to you, that does not mean that I have forgotten you or I don’t miss you.  I may be a bit busy chasing my dreams. Chasing my dreams gives me satisfaction and pleasure and allows me to live my life. I do all this just to see a cute smile on your face.
  • The path is uncertain; it may happen that I will make tons of mistakes. Brace up my faith and belief, if that happens because it’s you who taught me not to fear mistakes while chasing my dreams. I can’t promise you success, but what I can promise you is my smart work, and one day you will proud of being a mom of an Idiot entrepreneur.
  • It might also happen that I may come back to zero from where I started, but I want you to be standing with me and congratulating me for the road that I have traveled till now, this will give me the strength to be more and reach the skies. Give me some energy to travel the road once again with new challenges and new energy and encourage me to make a dent with my talent. I promise that I won’t give up, no matter how tough the road gets. But I always Shout Loudly “Grow Up Once Again”.

It would not have been possible without your help and support; you are the true source of inspiration and motivation for me. I Love You Maa.

Your Idiot Entrepreneur


Vishal Jagetia

Vishal Jagetia

I'm a Krishna Companion, Startup Warrior, Digital Nomad, Charismatic Leader, Foodie, Motivational Speaker, Sharing Economy Lover, Sales and Technology Enthusiast.