Checklist before Applying for Business School

 Checklist before Applying for Business School

If you’re in the midst of your MBA application, you’re probably swamped by rankings, school comparisons, essay writing, letters of recommendation, and even more headaches. We’re urging you to take one step back, breathe deeply, and browse these key parameters before diving back in.

  • Observe Yourself: Before applying to any B-School, examine yourself closely. Besides your CGPA and GMAT, CAT, MAT what are your best qualities? Consider careful the qualities you possess that will help you look like the best candidate as a student, before you start filling out your application. By doing so, you will greatly increase your chances of acceptance into the business school of your choice. In addition, when applying to multiple schools, consider making a PDF file for each of the applications you plan to submit. Doing so will enable you to refer back to your records before any face to face interview. This can help you keep your message more consistent.
  • Be Empathetic:  It is common knowledge that none of us are perfect human beings. When you are writing your essay, or proceeding with your interview and GD’s, you should consider being humble and empathetic. It is okay to acknowledge your weaknesses directly, as well as how you plan to overcome them in order to be the best student you can be.
  • Include Your Accomplishments:  While it is important to remain humble in your essay, and never try to come off as perfect, it is as equally as important to acknowledge your accomplishments proudly. Confidence and pride are also qualities that most business schools will look for in potential students. You can display your confidence and pride without giving the illusion you are perfect. For example, if you have been acknowledged publicly for your charity work in your town, you should definitely mention it. However, you should do your best to remain humble about it. It’s not necessary to write several paragraphs about just one of your accomplishment.

Many potential students eagerly apply for business school without giving the entire process the consideration needed before they start. Some of them may get into the school of their choice, but some of them do not. In order to increase your chances of being accepted to the business school of your choice, consider the above tips and Let Yourself Go!

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