Pursue your Dreams even if Nobody Encourages You

Pursuing your dreams if like wanting to catch hold a flying butterfly who never settles.

While we are busy thinking and pursuing our dreams, and trying to make a positive impact or change in our life, we experience resistance.
Most of the times this resistance is Internal, meaning You vs. Yourself…
Like Jogging that extra mile during the exercise, Waking up in the morning to go to gym sucks and hitting the “snooze” button is much more easier.
Same is the case while starting a business. Sometimes we are so reluctant and we unknowingly put too many obstacles in our way that we forget why we wanted to begin with this damn thing…
Internal Resistance to change is actually a good sign, it means that you are stretching yourself to the edge. But with this comes External Resistance too.. which we face from the people around us.
Our Parents who tell us to “Be Realistic”… You are wanting to pursue Entrepreneurship as your career choice, but are you sure that you want to leave the job in the big MNC with a good package!!
Co-Workers who tell us that we should just be happy on having a job in such an Economy!!
Friends who might mock us, discourage us and even will not take time out to listen to our ideas…
If we get affected by the External Resistance, and we let ourself affect by their decisions then all will be gone for a toss. People who criticize you, overlook you or belittle you for doing what you love does not fully understand your “Why.”
They do not understand your Passion, your Madness, your Dreams, your Craziness behind it. And as to why is it so important to you.
I say it is perfectly ‘OK’ to live a life that others do not understand. It is perfectly ‘OK’ to choose a career that does not comes with a comfortable cozy cushion. It is perfectly ‘OK’ to stay up all night and “Do what you Love the most.” Even if it isn’t making you money right now.
The only thing that isn’t ‘OK’.. is giving up your unique personality or hiding up your true self just because someone else belittle you or your ambitions…
So, what are we waiting for! Go out and live your life on your own terms. As this is the only life we have got, and do not spend time in thinking what others will think.. In the due time, people who mocked you or belittle you will end up asking, How’d you do that?
And all you’ll be able to do will be a grin. 🙂
References –
# Content credited to Daniel DiaPiazza
# Image credited to Jarrid Wilson
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